7th St. Skatepark

1180 E 7th St, Wilmington, DE 19801

7th St. Skatepark is a great example of what can become of some grass-roots funding, motivation, and perseverance. For years, the local skaters of Wilmington, DE have been building diy ramps at an unused parking lot off of 7th St. Throughout the years they were able to build a positive connection with the city, and they gained permission to do as they pleased. Kinetic skate shop owners, Ben Jones and Brannon John have been spear heading the fund raising efforts and organization of concrete pours for years. Throughout the growth of the park, we have always done what we can to help these guys out. Brannon and Ben have been able to raise enough money to pull off a few pours a year. On top of that a few pours were funded through efforts such as Redbull DIY Spot Supply and The DLX Build Project. Naturally, 7th st has grown into what it is today. The spot continues on and we are pleased anytime the Kinetic guys hit us up for some help.