Our Team

Skater Built. Skater Owned. Community Driven:


Jesse clayton

Owner & Operator

Jesse was one of the original founder of ‘5th Pocket Designs’ in 2009. He is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in custom concrete masonry - tailored to skatepark design and construction. With a rich background of work experience and successful volunteer projects, his skill sets include all aspects of skatepark construction. Jesse is hands on with every bit of the process - from office administration and client relations, to forming up the first object and pouring it at every job site.

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sloan palder

Owner & Operator

Sloan is one of our owners and a key member for all construction projects. Sloan has over 5 years of skatepark construction experience and has been skateboarding for 17 years. He understands the concrete construction process and all of its complexities. Sloan is reserved, technical and his attention to detail is what sets him apart from anyone else. He has worked on skatepark projects as far as Morocco and Nepal. Sloan views skateparks as a tool for community improvement and takes pride in placing them in places that need help . Lastly, Sloan is a firm believer that the best quality skateparks are built by skateboarders themselves and it is his goal to see this through as much as possible.