Pops Skatepark

2134 E Hazzard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Pops Skatepark was built in 2009 and essentially sparked the creation of 5th Pocket Skateparks. While hanging out at the local skate shop, Jesse Clayton and friends were approached by a representative of Franklin Paines and asked whether or not they new anybody with experience in skatepark construction. Instinctively, Jesse hoped on he opportunity. Whether he knew it at the time or not him and his friends began working on 5th Pocket Skateparks first project. In order to contract with the city, 5th Pocket Skateparks quickly became a legitimately registered business. Pops is a testament to how impactful skateparks can be to the surrounding community. This part of Kensington is known to be rough and it surely was 10 years ago when the skatepark was built. Since then the skate park has see 1,000’s of skaters and no empty days. This project was simply about investing into a community which had given Clayton and friends many years of good times. With no intention of turning a profit, every last resource was invested. To this day Clayton can go to the park on any given day and see a kid that he witnessed starting to skateboard 10 year previously on the skatepark that him and his friends built.